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Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man, That Will Find You (Official Video)

Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man, That Will Find You, from Connan Mockasin's second album "Caramel", available to download here :

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Video directed by Daniel Brereton.

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"Caramel" is also available via Phantasy / Because Music / Mexican Summer (N.A.)


Mexican Summer

Record Store

Rough Trade

Piccadilly Records

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2013 Phantasy Sound (
Angel Numero de lista #7 : Maestra Marcela que hace ahí
Adam : I’m getting “Get Out” vibes from this...
TheChgz : Klaus Kinski is that you?
Ryan Deeken : i want his hair
Austin Gross : enchanting vid
Patrick J Mims : The perpetual smirk on his face makes me smile. Best scenes are of course, The Hot Tub (2:09) and The Roll Down the Stairs, about a minute later. I love showing this to people who haven't seen it - if they look at me weird, immediately, I know that we are probably not gonna be friends.
OJ OJCMUSIC : This song is on repeat.... What the fuck
Karol Dorian : How can he be so gay yet so masculine at the same time?
Jenny Linvog : I didn't know Andy Warhol was a musician, too. Crazy.
LaceChaser : That stair roll though...

What Is A Driving Moccasin And Why You Need Some | 40overfashion

Today we're talking about men's driving moccasins and why I think they just might be the perfect summer shoe.
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Something a little more fancy -
A few more options:

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#40overfashion #mensshoes #drivingmoccasins
Peter Karahalios : nope...
Gerardo Fernandez : Just bought my first pair recently. Very nice shoe. I wear chukkas usually for casual ocassions but the driver is easier to put on. Like you said its more of a “tuxedo flip flops”.
Michael Bernardo : I thought these were too feminine until I wore a pair of driving mocs for the first time with a nice pair of shorts and button up shirt and my wife and I love the look. I think the sleek look gives it a classy casual look.
Fast Track : Im guilty of the Flip Flop situation however Im going to try a pair of these.
Sean Scharbach : I was thinking of getting a pair of these but after reading reviews at a popular maker website there was alot of negative comments about the durability of the soles. People complained that the city sidewalks can eat up the soles very quickly on these shoes. What is your thoughts?
Andrew Fawcett : Got my first pair of drivers in dirty tan suede this summer. I agree with your comment that they work well as a replacement for flip flops. A younger me would have chucked on some slim jeans and slides to do some errands, but the driver with a leather lining are so much more classier and comfortable. Being English, I get the slipper comments, but they are more streamlined than the moc slipper, and don’t have the lambs wool to stop your feet breathing properly. You can also pick up a pair reasonably cheaply.
Colin Renfrew : These are without a doubt beautiful and stylish shoes. However, most cannot be resoled , or repaired, don’t like the rain, and when the soles do get wet, they become very slippery and dangerous. So, before you splurge on a pair of suede Tods, you might want to move to Arizona. Cheers.
Paula Laye : hey John how very nice to see you tonight, Sunday 31st May ... See you're still looking great Paula in UK
Manuela Jernigan : My husband like moccasins, but for a first penny loafer my husband should go black or brown? A shoutout to all the other gals watching 40 Over Fashion. ✌️✌️✌️
XB75015 : Only genuine Tod’s gomminos are acceptable. They are expensive but so chic. Better to put money on the shoes and wear cheaper slacks or shorts than the opposite. Keep the pair with the buckle on the top for the US only, in Europe it is a fashion faux pas.

Water Moccasin Close Ups

Juvenile Water Moccasin in Lee County Alabama, 6/25/16.
Varun_ Reddy : How did you got these shoots?
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon : Gran video, hermano.
Serenity Raven : I’d be screaming lol
UK DRILL : POV ur here from outer banks
B Brunson : I’m the only person in the world that’s been chased by a Cottonmouth.
Delores Parker : There in my backyard
Mijagi1976 : While I was getting a suntan this snake bit my penis. Over the next 2 hours, my penis grew to 8 inches and 2.5 inches in girth. Needless to say my woman was happy that day.
A Bobble : In the U.K. we have Adders, which is the only venomous snake and are very rare and extremely shy....they aren’t deadly either. I keep promising myself a number of vacations to USA...the wildlife alone is well worth it.
Roger Kreil : It went hungry....
Mxulin : I'm fascinated with snakes. I love how menacing they are. I love the way they look and move. I'm going snake hunting in the Everglades soon. Wish me luck




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